Why an internet sales tax would harm small businesses more than Amazon

Exactly. Such a tax will hurt customers and small businesses while entrenching big businesses and their cronies in government.

(From CNBC)

An Internet sales tax would also drown small, online businesses and entrepreneurs, like those on eBay and Etsy, with compliance costs since they’d have to deal with the costs and complications of figuring out approximately 10,000 distinct sales tax jurisdictions. These independent sellers would also be subject to audits from up to 46 states, the current number of states that impose a sales tax.

Big box retail stores, like Target, Best Buy, and Walmart, support this new tax because it’s a way to burden small competitors, potentially putting some out of business. Even Amazon, who used to oppose these tax expansion efforts, has switched sides now that it owns warehouses across the country to improve delivery times, which also happens to trigger sales tax compliance in many states.