YouTube Shooting Fails To Conform To Gun Control Narrative

A female, Iranian immigrant, vegan, in gun control happy California. Not exactly what some parts of the media would prefer.

We are actually most interested in the shadow banning part of this tragedy. (As dear readers you might expect.)

(From The Daily Caller)

Other verified Twitter users claimed the NRA directly motivated the shooter by making videos critical of YouTube. In a very civil manner, these gun control advocates asserted the gun rights group made terroristic threats to YouTube and should be responsible for all violence against the tech company.

“The NRA called for its members to ‘fire back’ at sites like YouTube and ‘overwhelm these leftists in California.’ The NRA is a terrorist organization,” tech entrepreneur Fred Benenson argued.

It’s highly unlikely that a left-wing vegan was motivated by NRATV videos. But don’t expect an apology from the journalists and celebrities who tried to make the connection anyway.

Every mass shooting in America is bound to be politicized by the Left before the blood has even dried. Regardless of circumstances, a crazed gunman is always in league with the NRA.

But when faced with facts that counter the narrative, journalists prefer to let the story die.