3,000 People In Sweden Have Inserted Microchips Under Their Skin

We’ve been posting on the emergence of RFID chips in humans since we started almost 7 years ago. In fact, I’ve been writing about them since before that.

The response back in the day from some was – oh this is just some crazy conspiracy thing. (I never saw how it was a “conspiracy” thing at all, it just seemed the obvious march of technology. I think some people thought I was some closet evangelical or something.) Now, folks seem a good bit more concerned.

And then there are the people who aren’t concerned at all and are injecting these things under their skin so that they can be tracked at all hours of the day. Oh, and soon these chips will do things like regulate insulin. Which on the one hand is exciting but on the other hand definitely represents something not so exciting. Better hope one doesn’t get an RFID virus.

(From The Daily Caller)

Ulrika Celsing is one of 3,000 Swedes with a chip implanted in her hand — a process known as “biohacking.” As the 28-year-old told AFP, “It was fun to try something new and to see what one could use it for to make life easier in the future.”

One example of the ways Celsing uses the chip, or “electric handbag,” as she calls it, is by waving her hand in front of a keycard scanner at work, instead of having to carry a physical keycard around, and then pressing a code to unlock the door.

While the chips have the ability to hold information that can be read by other devices, they cannot read information themselves. But some still have concerns that future technology may get in the way of personal security.

“I don’t think our current technology is enough to get chip hacked,” Celsing told reporters. “But I may think about this again in the future. I could always take it out then.”