A Hard Truth From CNN (Of all places): Trump’s in his glory, and it’s driving “liberals” nuts

The Trump Derangement Syndrome continues. Some people worry about Trump wanting to be a dictator when we just went through 8 YEARS of Obama. I can tell you flat out, as one who has worked with many “liberal” people and groups, and as one who has respect for “liberal” people and groups, that I was extremely concerned about the power Obama tried to amass but was denied by the TEA Party movement and the American electorate generally.

Many of the people who fear Trump thought Obama was a nice guy. He was/is not. Obama represented a real downturn for the rule of law in this country. Thankfully, toward the end of his presidency the Supreme Court joined with the American people and largely rebuked Obama. (Though before that they did let Obamacare stand via tortured logic.)

Obama was a tribal warrior who sought to divide this country and would have done much more damage had he not been denied by people voting against his agenda all across America. There’s a reason why the Republicans, as bumbling as they might be sometimes won race after race during the Obama years. People rejected Obama even though Obama and company had turned the “mainstream” media into a tool of propaganda. You want to talk about dictators? Obama would have embraced the roll if he had had the chance. And the #oldmedia would have jumped right on board that train.

But Obama didn’t have the chance.

I am way more concerned with a CIA, FBI and other parts of the intel community working against Trump prior to and after the election than I am with Trump. (Though we’re always concerned with any president, because all presidents have too much power.)

Trump can be a jerk. Trump can be extremely ham handed. However, to act as if Trump is “abnormal” (this the most recent spin term floated over the last few weeks) in the wake of the Obama presidency is absolutely absurd. If anything things are a little more normal. And that is a crazy thing to say.

(From CNN)

When Donald Trump informed Kim Jong Un that his nuclear button “is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!” professional diplomats didn’t know what to say.

Heads of state don’t talk this way. No judicious, temperate words — instead a crude threat with sexual undertones. No solemn press conference or presidential address to the nation, just a backhanded sally on Twitter.

A first principle of international relations is not to provoke armed leaders who are wacky or desperate, and here was Trump needling one with nukes! The man’s unfit, his critics said.
But now a summit is in the works and three prisoners held by North Korea have been released, back in the United States in a dramatic 3 a.m. landing at Andrews Air Force Base. There to greet them with a handshake were the American President and first lady. Meanwhile, notwithstanding scorching appraisals from the press for months, Trump’s approval ratings remain firm in the low-40% range. But his numbers on handling several key issues are climbing, with almost 6 in 10 saying things in the country are going well…
…You might sympathize with liberal politicians and journalists, not to mention conservative Never Trumpers, who can’t understand how this so-called farce-presidency can go on. They don’t realize something about themselves though: They are a crucial factor in the Trump ascendancy.
Journalists and intellectuals like to speak in terms of “the narrative.” What Trump has done, and what commentators on TV and in print have helped him to do, is prove that they are not critics of the story. They aren’t even narrators of it. They are characters in the plot, and the author of it is the very person they presume to diagnose.
This is a hard truth – and it comes from CNN of all places. Trump’s playing you guys.The pundits should wake up, throw off the TDS, and get real. Trump needs to be watched, he needs to be held accountable like all presidents. But your simple minded rage just makes you look stupid, not to mention easily manipulated.

It’s not that the enlightened “elites” are informed and Trump people are not. It’s that the “enlightened elites” now find themselves in an intellectual cul-de-sac and time is passing them by. Big “dumb” Trump just keeps getting the better of them. And that has got to hurt. Once or twice is one thing. But over and over? It’s like maybe he’s not the “dumb” one.

*Saying all this Trump is a big spender and the most important thing we can do as a country is reduce the size of government, cut spending, and lessen taxation.