After being summoned to the Vatican over child sex abuse scandal, ALL Chilean bishops resign (34)


I grew up Catholic. I was an altar boy. I contemplated becoming a priest. But the Church is so rotten on so many levels. It’s still full of good people, particularly the laity, but I really don’t see why anyone should listen to the Church on almost anything at this point. This scandal has been going on for what, 25 years now? And the Church has fought disclosure every step of the way.

It is profoundly sad.

May God bless the victims. (And there are so many.)

From The Journal (Ireland)

THIRTY-FOUR CHILEAN bishops have resigned over a child sex abuse scandal within the Catholic Church after three days of meetings with Pope Francis at the Vatican, a spokesman for the bishops has said.

“We, all the bishops present in Rome, have tendered our resignation to the Holy Father so that he may decide freely for each of us,” a statement read out by the spokesman said.

Yesterday, Pope Francis had promised “changes” to the Chilean church to “restore justice” following a child abuse scandal that has come to haunt his papacy.

In a letter to the 34 bishops, Pope Francis had given no indication of eventual consequences for those suspected of keeping silent about the abuse.

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