Amazon, Starbucks Furious After Seattle Passes Controversial “Homeless Tax”, $300/year for each full time employee

Seattle, which I am not kidding has a statue of Lenin standing in the trendy Fremont neighborhood, might just be the dumbest large city in America. Think about that. This country is littered with dumb large cities.

The Big Damp is levying a $300/year tax on every large business job in the city. Why? Because homelessness.


Remember when we said that Bezos was going to move the Amazon HQ2 to a “red” state, and that he’d be a fool not to. Well, at least in Nashville Amazon likely wouldn’t have to put up with this sort of idiocy. Who taxes jobs? That’s just stupid. Oh wait.

(From Zerohedge)

Amazon has resumed construction on its 17-storey Block 18 tower, but we imagine the company now has even more incentive to shift employees to its planned HQ2, though, as CNNMoney warned in a recent piece, Amazon’s strident reaction to the proposed tax in Seattle might give some of its suitor city’s reason to reconsider (as foolish as that might seem from an economic development perspective).

The law will require employers who generate more than $20 million in gross revenues within the city limits to pay roughly 14 cents per man hour per employee every year – which comes out to roughly $275 per employee. Roughly half of the money collected by the tax will be paid by Amazon…

…For what it’s worth, Amazon says it has independently done more to ease homelessness than the city government, touting a corporate initiative to donate space to shelter 200 homeless people in one of Amazon’s new buildings.

The company said it recently contributed $40 million to a city managed fund for affordable housing.

As Fortune points out, Amazon isn’t the only company angry about the tax, which will impact more than 500 businesses. Starbucks, which hosts its headquarters in the city, slammed the city council, calling it incompetent and incapable of taking care of the city’s homeless.

Incompetent and incapable? A city council in a big urban island of “progressivism”? Nooooo. That can’t be.

But people keep voting for these economic dolts.