Clapper Says “Good Thing” FBI Was Spying On Trump Campaign, At what point do we start holding these folks accountable? It really COULD be “bigger than Watergate”

This guy LIED to Senator Wyden and the American people about the NSA spying on private citizens. We’ve posted the video before but we’ll post again. But first here is Mr. Capper (Who by the way was the 4th or 5th pick for Director of Intelligence. No one wanted the job under Obama.) saying that spying on his boss’s chief rival and the future president of the United States is OK.

Notice also how fearful he is that the mole might be exposed.

It is also worth noting that Mr. Clapper is paid a lot of money by CNN even though CNN knows (along with anyone else who has paid attention) that Clapper lied to the American people and to Congress about intelligence operations. Operations that spied/spy ON MILLIONS OF US CITIZENS. He is totally incredible as an analyst. That CNN has him on the payroll is ridiculous. Not to mention an insult to all of the American people.

Clapper says that if there was a spy in the Trump camp that it WAS A GOOD THING? What the hell has happened to the intel community in this country? That is crazy if true. We are not some 3rd world backwater where intel agencies surveil the opposition and undermine elections. And it looks like Clapper is at least implying that we did act like a 3rd World backwater. Which is unsurprising given that Obama was “running” the show at the time.

(From Zerohedge)

Clapper admitted the FBI “may have had someone who was talking to them in the campaign,” referring to President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

He tried to explain away the possibility of an FBI informant spying on the campaign as the bureau was trying to find out “what the Russians were doing to try to substantiate themselves in the campaign or influence or leverage it.”

Obama’s Director of National Intelligence then went on to say,

“So, if there was someone that was observing that sort of thing, that’s a good thing.”

Riiiiight. The “Russians.”

Here’s Clapper lying to Senator Wyden again. Because every American should see it.

Pro-Trump, anti-Trump, neutral, Mr. Clapper (others) are playing us for fools. Or at least they may think they are. So Clapper is going to cash in at CNN in retirement while attempting to conduct damage control on TV even though we KNOW he lied to the country about very serious things? CNN is giving him airtime?

Actually we thank CNN for that.