CNN’s Don Lemon Parties With Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Michael Avenatti

2 days ago we posted about how having General Clapper who lied to Senator Wyden and the American people as a paid establishment shill on CNN was an insult to the country and to CNN’s viewers.

The below story kind of dovetails with the Clapper post. It’s like there’s a coordinated effort or something. But that can’t be it.

The same people who get worked up over these kinds of selfies, get worked up over the Oscars, and the “royal wedding,” and People Magazine. These are the “kids” who were in student government.

They were insufferable in high school and they are worse now.

Nothing weird about this. Totally normal. Totally cool. Now why is it that so many Americans don’t trust the #oldmedia? Not an example of the the #cronymedia at all.

(From The Daily Wire)

CNN prime time host Don Lemon was photographed on Wednesday partying with Stormy Daniels’ obnoxious attorney Michael Avenatti — along with a couple other CNN talking heads.

According to a post on Twitter, Lemon and Avenatti were snapped living it up with CNN political analyst Errol Louis, a New York City journalist and television show host, and Margaret Hoover, a paid political contributor for CNN.

The tweet was first posted by someone named Juanita Scarlett, but was later deleted. She has been identified by Mediaite as the wife of Louis.