Cuomo Moves to Prop Up Public-Sector Unions

What about big states grows these kinds of politicians and unions? At least California has palm trees and beaches.

No union should be able to force dues out of workers. Unions should have to earn the right to represent the workers. They certainly shouldn’t be able to jack workers in public unions, which really work against the best interests of taxpayers.

(From The Washington Free Beacon)

New York governor Andrew Cuomo is attempting to prop up public-sector unions in anticipation of a Supreme Court ruling that could end coercive payments.

A group of Illinois government workers are asking the Supreme Court to overturn four decades of precedent that allow agencies to require union dues or fee payments as a condition of employment. The plaintiffs argued in Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees that public-sector unions are inherently political and funding them violates an individual’s association and speech rights. Many in labor circles fear the Supreme Court will endorse this view, dealing a severe blow to union coffers if partial fee payers win the right to opt out of union membership entirely. New York Democrats passed a bill to shore up public-sector dues collections, limit employees’ ability to cut off the unions representing their workplaces, and “deter the federal government’s attempts to dismantle unions.”..

Labor watchdogs criticized Cuomo for using the legislation to prop up his political allies. Vinnie Vernuccio, a labor policy expert at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, said it would “trap” government workers.

“Gov. Cuomo is trying to circumvent a Supreme Court case before it’s even decided to trap public employees into paying union dues,” he said. “Gov. Cuomo in New York and other states are looking to do anything they can for unions to keep collecting forced dues including making arbitrary windows in which workers can exercise their rights.”

If the union is so good it shouldn’t have any problem earning dues that are voluntarily paid. But for some reason the unions think that maybe workers don’t see the unions as valuable as the unions see themselves. I wonder why this is?