Democrats moving even further to the left

If they do there is the very real possibility that they will be hammered. But on the other hand the corporatist Obama/Pelosi/Schumer/Clinton wing is bankrupt intellectually.

The thing is, things cost money. And the middle class will be the ones hurt by “socialist” proposals. Not the rich. That’s the way it always goes. It’s easy to stick it to the middle class. (We’ve been putting up with it since FDR.)

By the way it doesn’t matter if it’s “democratic” socialism, or national socialism or whatever. Socialism still takes money by force from the people who earned the money. If such a regime gets “voted” in it makes almost no difference. The mob can be sold free stuff if they lack basic economic understanding.


Democrats’ embrace of socialism, even with adjective qualifiers attached, is driven by the success of Sen. Bernie Sanders, who sought the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016 and won many states. Sanders has long embraced the socialist label, and many of his colleagues (and potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidates) now join him in calling for things like government-run health care.

Will Democrats who embrace the socialist label have appeal outside party primaries? One clue comes from a 2016 study by Vox and polling firm Morning Consult that asked Sanders’ supporters how much they were willing to pay in taxes to enact his “free” health care-and-college proposals. More than half were not willing to pay more than $1,000 annually for his health care plan or $1,500 for his college plan — or less than what most people currently pay to receive employee-sponsored health care.

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