Democrats’ War on Capitalism (So I guess our grandfathers were right all along, they are Commies) – Just kidding, sort of

Since Obama, “the great divider” and perhaps the most economics challenged (in terms of understanding) since Nixon came into office there have been people openly pushing “socialism.” In the wake of the 2008 Crash, a crash THAT WAS CREATED BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, some people have tried to pin whatever economic malady that crosses their transom on “capitalism.”

Hey folks, free enterprise, free markets are self stabilizing. It’s the state that creates the anomalies and warps the economy. But understanding this takes some basic economic and historical knowledge, two things that are sorely lacking even with some very educated people these days. On top of that, people in the media often have no idea what they are talking about either and so the ignorance is compounded.

The reason you see “inequality” on the level one does is because of the financialization of the economy. FIAT CURRENCY! When the Fed prints money the people first in line get the greatest benefit, the banks, the political insiders. Then the money hits the broader system which creates inflation. Then the money hits everyday people at a lower relative value to when it was “printed.” And the cycle goes on and on. With sound money, real money, gold backed money, the powers that be can’t do this and there is a less unequal financial situation – in relative terms. Sound money also makes for a much more accountable political class. (One of the key reasons many economists and political insiders are not keen on sound money.)

The state in many respects is a ruse. Socialism is absolutely a ruse. It is a vehicle for the political class to get “rich” at the expense of the private/productive sector. Socialism in many ways isn’t about “helping everyone out.” It’s about draining the wealth from the vital part of the economy for the benefit of the politically connected.

That’s a pretty stark indictment but it is spot on. Socialism is a tool for the politically inclined to placate those who have little (and under socialism they will continue to have little) while the political class gleans wealth from the wealth creating heart of the economy, entrepreneurs and business generally. Of course it’s just a matter of time before the wealth creators either pack up their bags and leave or are so depleted that they are crushed under the wheel of the state. Then where does the money come from?

We have far too little free enterprise in this country. The people who complain about “inequality” in our opinion don’t understand very simple financial and market realities. Markets are like the seasons and the tides. They just are. Free enterprise goes with the flow and is sustainable. Socialism, statism, creates dams which stop up the economy, and which then inevitably burst with the ensuing destruction. Socialism is fundamentally unstable and ends in destruction. Socialism’s death is baked into itself.

The Democrats openly flirting with “socialism” are being foolish. But perhaps this is what some Dems have wanted all along.

(From TownHall)

Hillary Clinton recently offered yet another reason why she lost her second consecutive race for the presidency: capitalism.

At the Shared Value Leadership Summit in New York City, Clinton was asked whether her self-proclaimed “capitalist” stance hurt her during the 2016 presidential primary season. “It’s hard to know,” she said, “but I mean, if you’re in the Iowa caucuses and 41 percent of Democrats are socialists or self-described socialists, and I’m asked, ‘Are you a capitalist?’ and I say, ‘Yes, but with appropriate regulation and appropriate accountability.’ You know, that probably gets lost in the ‘Oh, my gosh, she’s a capitalist!'”

Clinton’s right. Being a Democrat and a “capitalist” is an increasingly untenable position for a politician…

…The “you didn’t build that” left does not recognize the relationship between prosperity and allowing people to keep what they produce to the fullest degree possible. By the end of eight years under President Obama, according to the conservative Heritage Foundation, we had less “economic freedom.” The United States’ score on “economic freedom” — which looks at taxes and regulations, among other criteria — dropped to its lowest level in the 23 years since Heritage began publishing its annual rankings of 180 countries. It is no coincidence that this loss of economic freedom under Obama helped produce the worst American economic recovery since 1949.

We need a rebirth of free enterprise in this country. We need to differentiate ourselves much more from the rest of the world, not follow the long sullen slog of Europe. There is a reason we rejected Europe and what she stands for so long ago. It’s time to do it again.

“Fascism” or “socialism” for the average person this is the eventual result. If one is lucky.
(Painting by Tooker)


Statism, socialism is in no way “progressive”. It is UNICORPERATISM. It is retrograde. It is a reversion to a form of serfdom with the state as “lord.” Progress is entrepreneurialism. Progress is the middle class disconnected from the state. Progress is human actualization without the coercion of political busybodies. THESE THINGS REPRESENT HUMAN PROGRESS. Not “single payer health insurance.”

Progress is a voluntary society.