Department of Justice to Send Prosecutors, Judges to Border

(From UPI)

The U.S. Department of Justice will send dozens of prosecutors and judges to the U.S.-Mexico border to prosecute immigrants illegally entering the United States, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Wednesday.

Sessions said 35 assistant U.S. attorneys will be sent to five districts along the border to handle improper entry, illegal reentry, and alien smuggling cases and 18 judges will hear immigration cases in person and through video conferencing.

A total of 15 attorneys will be dispatched to Texas, eight to California, six to Arizona and six to New Mexico.

“The American people made very clear their desire to secure our borders and prioritize the public safety and national security of our homeland,” Sessions said. “Promoting and enforcing the rule of law is essential to our republic. By deploying these additional resources to the Southwest border, the Justice Department and the Trump Administration take yet another step in protecting our nation, its borders, and its citizens. It must be clear that there is no right to demand entry without justification.”

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