Dershowitz: Everyone Should Be Concerned About FBI Informant In Trump Campaign


We couldn’t agree more with Mr. Dershowitz. EVERYONE, left, right, libertarian, anti-Trump, pro-Trump, EVERYONE should be very concerned about the spying that went on in the Trump campaign.

I don’t care how much you hate Trump. I don’t care if his image makes you seethe. YOU as a CITIZEN need to be informed on this because we are talking about the very underpinnings of our country.

Yes, it may mean that Trump wins a big one. That is true. But there are issues that are bigger than individual presidents and the CIA and FBI spying on someone who was running for president, and then it appears conjuring a narrative (the Russia narrative) to undermine a duly elected president is of extreme concern.

I am speaking personally here. I think that President Obama did this country great harm. I think he was a huge crony. (And it continues. Check out Obama’s ridiculous Netflix deal.) I have said that I didn’t think he had the best interests of the country at heart. However, had the CIA and FBI been spying on him during the 2008 election I’d have been extremely concerned. A politicized intel community is very dangerous for the country.

Unfortunately because some people don’t like Trump they have continued to look the other way with regard to Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Lynch, and the rest of the crew. They want Trump taken down and if Trump had been taken down by these dirty tricks then so be it. But know that if you subscribe to this line of thinking you are subscribing to a line of thinking that is more at home in some banana republic somewhere. If you don’t stand up for the rule of law just because you don’t like Trump, you are doing this country, and really yourself, a disservice.

(From The Daily Caller)

“Let’s start with the spy,” Dershowitz responded. “A spy is a characterization but all civil libertarians should be concerned any time the FBI puts an informer into a political event, a campaign, an anti-war movement, the Martin Luther King campaign.”

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