Ellicott City, Still Recovering from 2016 Flood, Floods Again

Governor Larry Hogan tours Ellicott City after 2016 flood.

(From CNN)

After the deadly flooding of 2016, Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman said Ellicott City, Maryland, was reduced to a “war zone” and likened it to the set of a disaster movie. On Monday, Kittleman said the flooding of 2018 was much nastier.

Authorities were still in the assessment stage on a soggy Memorial Day, determining exactly how much nastier. Particularly worrying, Kittleman said, is a 25- to 30-foot-wide hole north of Main Street, where the road appears to have buckled under the weight of the flooding.

“There are a lot of people whose lives are going to be devastated again, and they’ve been working so hard to come back,” Kittleman said. “I can’t imagine what they’re going through. I couldn’t imagine what they went through two years ago, and now it’s even worse.”

The first concern is people. Emergency responders on Monday conducted 300 rescues — about 30 of them water rescues — as they continued searching for Sgt. Eddison Hermond of the Maryland Army National Guard.

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