Equifax Admits Passport Numbers Were Stolen in Cyberattack

(From The Washington Examiner)

Equifax, the credit bureau regrouping after hackers compromised personal data for nearly half the U.S. population, says closer study shows passport numbers were among the information taken.

The finding doesn’t change the total number of people affected, which the Atlanta-based company now says was nearly 147 million.

While Equifax’s initial assessment of the attack uncovered the exposure of personal identification data from birthdates to Social Security and driver’s license numbers, a more detailed review of the web portal consumers used to dispute mistakes on their credit histories showed that hackers had gained access to some of the government documents that users provided to verify their identities, the company said in a regulatory filing this week.

About 3,200 passports were compromised through the portal, which Equifax said it reviewed after congressional inquiries, along with 12,000 Social Security cards and 38,000 driver’s licenses.

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