Even the public school teachers in California are becoming “blue state refugees”

Man, you know something is seriously wrong when the public school teachers, who dominate California politics and enjoy all the nonsense associated with unionized teaching, are packing up and leaving California.

The “blue state refugees” just keep coming.

(But please leave the politics that screwed up where you’re leaving, back in the states you are leaving. The reason the non-bluish states tend, generally, to work better is because we like lower taxes. Don’t forget that when you come.)

(From The Sacramento Bee)

California saw the largest net loss of teachers to Texas. About 6,000 more teachers left California for Texas than came here from the Lone Star State from 2003 through 2016.

The average teacher salary in Texas is about $52,000, far below the average teacher salary of $77,000 in California, according to the National Education Association. But when adjusted for cost of living, teachers in Texas make about as much as their peers in California.

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