EXPLOSIVE interview with Jordan Peterson on The Wright Stuff (VIDEO)

Mr. Peterson is spot on on so many things. It is an absolute pleasure to watch him dismantle his opponents. (One because he does so so respectfully.) He is a classical liberal who is standing up to the speech Nazis. He calls out the indoctrination centers in universities, and the graduates of these indoctrination centers are not happy that someone is exposing them.

The entire anti-Western politically correct critique is built on sand. If people (like Peterson and everyday people) challenge it it collapses. It’s a cult of group think that seeks to redefine reality. But a rose is a rose and reality is reality.

Just because a bunch of people collectively get worked up about “hierarchy,” which gives them something to cling to because the world hasn’t gone their way, doesn’t mean that they are in anyway (necessarily) correct. In fact we’ve been here before in a way. When the Soviet Union and worldwide socialism collapsed people all over the world looked up and realized that they could finally speak freely. The speech codes of socialism were done. Thought again was allowed to bloom in the open.

But there are those who resent free thinking. They resent other parts of humanity. Political correctness is fundamentally sexism and racism institutionalized to a very large degree. It is anti-thought. It is anti-reason. It is anti-intellectual. And it is anti-reality.

Jordan Peterson is the kid who exclaims that the emperor has no clothes. Time to wake up.