Firefighter Reportedly Earned $300K in Overtime by Working More Hours Than Actually Exist

These are your tax dollars folks. And this type of fraud, which is widespread (we’ve long documented it), will continue to happen until taxpayers put a stop to it. Fundamentally taxpayers need to realize that they are looking at the theft of THEIR MONEY. Not the county’s or the city’s, but THEIR MONEY.

(From Reason)

Los Angeles firefighter Donn Thompson had a busy year in 2017. If his pay stubs are to be believed, he literally never stopped working.

Data obtained by Transparent California, a project of the Nevada Policy Research Institute, show that Thompson pulled down $300,000 in overtime pay during 2017, on top of his $92,000 salary. Over the past four years, Thompson has earned more than $1 million in overtime, according to Transparent California’s database. Thompson’s ability to work so many hours “boggles the mind,” says Robert Fellner, director of research at the institute.

To earn that much in overtime pay, Thompson would have had to work more hours than actually exist in a single year. Either the highly paid firefighter found a way to stretch the space-time continuum or something fishy is going on.

This happens all the time, particularly in one party California.