Giuliani: If we ever get in court with Comey “We’d rip him apart”

(From Grabien)

DOOCY: “Let’s talk a little bit about something else. James Comey, former FBI director. You are at loggerheads with him. Didn’t you hire him at some point?”
GIULIANI: “Did you have to say that? The president keeps saying that, didn’t you inflict this guy on us to begin with?”
DOOCY: “But you were saying he was a liar and essentially a terrible person.” [crosstalk]
GIULIANI: “He — a lot but a terrible person I think is he a liar. I mean, he — oh let’s say he lied. McCabe would tell you he lied. He’s number two guy.”
EARHARDT: “But it was proven McCabe lied. Four times, three times under oath.”
GIULIANI: “Right, and he lied three or four times. And also refuse to clear to say the president wasn’t a target when, in fact, he had done that to Hillary Clinton, completely botched the Clinton investigation. There is nobody that doesn’t think he — his handling that was disgraceful. Clinton investigation. Now how he can be put up as a model of credibility, I mean, they are dreaming, they think if he ever get in court we would rip him apart.”