Hard Core Anti-Trump New York Magazine: Obama’s Legacy Has Already Been Destroyed

It is worth noting that gay marriage and legal cannabis are 2 things libertarians have long pushed for. Funny how that stuff will stick around but the rest of the stuff from Obama’s dreary days are pretty much gone, if not totally and completely gone.

And that is a very good thing. Obama tried to take the urban Democratic machine to the national level and though he was re-elected the country overwhelmingly rejected this. And it continues to.

Obama was a very dangerous president. Far more dangerous than the current one, who has his own issues. And this is because Obama had the media as a de facto mouthpiece. (Not to mention may have politicized the intel community.) At least with Trump the press, though often still spewing pro-Obamaish propaganda is at least in some kind of opposition to power. (But even still not really.)

(From New York Magazine)

In one respect, it seems to me, the presidency of Donald Trump has been remarkably successful. In 17 months, he has effectively erased Barack Obama’s two-term legacy.

I don’t want to say or face this. I still want to believe my colleague, Jonathan Chait, whose thesis is that the changes Obama made in his difficult but tenacious eight years in office are too great to reverse. And there are a couple of shifts that do indeed seem to be as permanent as anything is in politics: marriage equality and legal cannabis. But neither, one recalls, was a signature goal of Obama. He began as an alleged opponent of marriage equality, even though, of course, he was bullshitting. He wouldn’t touch the marijuana issue in his entire term and even at one point dismissed it as trivial. As for the rest, in specific policy terms, Trump and the Republican Congress have succeeded in undoing Obama’s work to an extent I barely anticipated.

It’s funny that Andrew “barely anticipated” the quick unwinding of all things Obama. I thought it was pretty obvious that that was the direction in which the country was headed. But the Northeastern bubble is hard to pierce and I guess the occasionally very good Andrew Sullivan fell victim to it like so many others.

And check this bit out. This is just not your best Andrew.

In economic policy, Obama’s slow winnowing of the deficit even in times of sluggish growth has been completely reversed. We too easily forget that the biggest accomplishment of Trump’s term in office so far — a massive increase in debt in a time of robust economic growth — is the inverse of Obama’s studied sense of fiscal responsibility.

Obama’s fiscal responsibility? Que? Andrew you know that is baloney. Maybe that was the way you got this headline by your editors but PLEASE. That is just nonsense. Obama was a disaster fiscally. A total and complete disaster who expanded the debt with abandon, who fought fiscal responsibility EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. I have read you for a good while Andrew. I know you know that what you wrote is bullshit.

And in no way are we defending Trump’s extension of spending stupidity. But to even float the idea that Obama was in any way reasonable is below you.

I’m actually quite disappointed. Even if the editors insisted on it you shouldn’t have written it.

But the below quote is even more wrong and it is sadly a view widely held by many smart people who just don’t get Trump. Check this nonsense out. Guess Sullivan really has gone around the bend.

More profoundly, Trump has managed to shift our cultural politics. He has baited the left to occupying new territory, thereby cementing his triumph. What drives Trump is racial essentialism, a rage at the post-racial, integrative center that the mixed-race Obama represented.

You wish that Trump was about racism because then it is easier for some to digest and deal with. The “Trump is about racism” trope implies that all the anti-Trump stuff is noble. That all the unhinged nonsense represents some struggle for justice. But you are just wrong.  And I say this as one who has MANY ISSUES WITH DONALD J. TRUMP.

No, Trump was about turning the country away from the cliff Obama and company seemed hell bent on putting us over. Obama was at least as racist as Trump is and in my estimation likely MORE racist. Obama was the OPPOSITE of “post racial.” He was, and will be remembered as the “Great Divider” who tried to bring tribal politics to the national stage. It was because Obama was the antithesis of “post-racial” that so many resented him. Obama had a chip on his shoulder and displayed it for all to see. He could never transcend what I saw as pretty obvious racism.

I seriously felt, and I know that I am not alone, and this includes many “liberal” people, (you know who you are) that Obama was not working in the best interests of the country. Not that he was mistaken or wrong, but didn’t have the country’s best interests at heart. People felt this.

Incidentally, many Trump voters would be overjoyed to vote for an African American or a woman (and they likely will in years ahead) who did not cling to racial or gender identity. Who sees America as an inclusive place where the pie can be grown together, where everyone can benefit and flourish. Obama was a zero sum guy who thought that bourgeois America owed him something. It does not.


But you CHOOSE not to. And that is why you lose.