Hillary Clinton says she wants to be the CEO of Facebook

She has lost her Arkansas cotton picking mind. Oh, and what’s with all the scarfs all of a sudden?

(From CNET)

Hillary Clinton is apparently willing to swap a life in politics to lead the world’s largest social-networking company.

The 2016 presidential candidate was at Harvard on Friday receiving the Radcliffe Medal, which honors people who’ve “had a transformative impact on society.” Attorney General Maura Healey, a democrat from Massachusetts, asked Clinton which company she’d want to be the CEO of.

Clinton didn’t pause before quickly answering “Facebook.”

I can think of nothing better that this particular speech totalitarian at the helm of Facebook. Hillary Clinton was a mistake and the country saw it. She lost in an ugly way and she can’t come to terms with it. She had every advantage and still lost. She still can’t deal. That’s totally normal.

And she wants to run Facebook? She can barely make it from the podium to her personal ambulance on a mildly warm fall day.

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