How Close Was The Coordination Between The FBI And CNN On Dossier Reporting?

This is a strong hint that Loretta Lynch knew and that there was White House involvement.



The more we learn about the FBI Trump probe thing the more concerned I become.

I am also concerned because it seems like, and I’ve talked with a few of these people today, there are folks who don’t seem to have any clue at all about the whole Brennan/Clapper/Comey/Lynch/Mueller/Clinton/Obama thing. As far as they are concerned Trump’s the bad guy flat out and all this “deep state” stuff is baloney. Of course this is what is sold on certain news outlets. The same outlets that are/were unfriendly to Trump and very friendly Hillary Clinton. But it really is like these people are living in another universe or something.

We monitor media across the board from Democracy Now! to Breitbart to Reason, to Mother Jones to Fox to CNN and I have to tell you, the #oldmedia does not want to cover the FBI collusion story come hell or high water. This is because (and it’s still early yet) it may lead back to Clinton or even beyond. And that is a catastrophic outcome that would eclipse even Trump’s election.

So the focus now is to keep the broader collusion story on the margins as much as possible, get to the mid-terms where we are told the Democrats will take the House, so that the focus can be on impeaching Trump – for something. Then all the “deep state” shadiness will be pushed back into the shadows. Trump and the deplorables will have been smited. And the world can go back to the pre-Trump bizarro world in which they felt so comfortable.

That is the plan.

(From RedState)

Damned close, it seems…

…Just a few thoughts here. The FBI had a high-level team, one that included the deputy director and chief of staff of the Bureau, looking at a “sensitive matter” in regards to Trump. Reading the January 6 and January 8 emails together, it is pretty clear that “sensitive matter” was code for “Russian hookers peeing on a mattress.” We know it does not refer to the dossier in general because the alleged Russian penetration of the Trump campaign was not discussed with Trump. Then the question arises of how did CNN learn what Comey talked to Trump about personally? Did Trump boast about it? Always possible. But the fact that McCabe, who was fired because of his unauthorized leaking and lying about it, is the guy bringing the news of the coming “flood,” makes it a solid bet that McCabe was the conduit to CNN. And one can’t help but note that Sally Yates was in on the shenanigans. This is a strong hint that Loretta Lynch knew and that there was White House involvement.