I Hate California Speech Nazis: West Sacramento Launching Controversial Program Watching Public’s Social Media Posts

There is seriously something terribly wrong in California. It is descending into a 2nd World bizarro state more quickly than we imagined. And if you think this is about finding potholes to fill you probably shouldn’t be online.

Better not say anything politically incorrect or against the local pols that’s all we have to say. Hope you’re not a member of any gun rights Facebook groups or anything.

(From CBS Sacramento)

West Sacramento is the first city to launch a controversial new program that watches what people post about it online.

The pilot project gives city leaders a look at what’s trending in the city, whether it’s good or bad. It’s also creating privacy concerns around how the data is being used.

When a wave of mailbox thefts hit the city last year, people complained about it on social media, and West Sacramento was watching. City leaders were alerted to the community concerns by a new system.