In Venezuela, hungry child gangs use machetes to fight for ‘quality’ garbage

Socialism. Don’t make excuses. Socialism.

Socialism can’t calculate prices effectively. As such, as price controls are introduced and as the economy is regulated into oblivion, the economy warps. Those on the edges of society are hurt most.

Chavismo. Socialismo. Muerte.

(From The Miami Herald)

That’s how Caramelo’s gang took control of Chacao even though many members don’t come from the neighborhood — including Caramelo, who was born and raised in Junquito, a Caracas neighborhood in the mountains about 10 miles away.

A year ago, the gang was “stationed” around a supermarket at a mall called Centro Comercial Ciudad Tamanaco that generates tons of garbage. But a feared rival gang from the neighborhood Las Mercedes also wanted the garbage.

Caramelo’s gang was attacked and chased out of the zone. So they took their weapons — knives, slingshots, broken glass and machetes — and seized the nearby neighborhood, Chacao.

“At this point, we had enough members and we were organized. We pushed the other group out of here,” said gang member Patricio, 23, who added that the clashes with Las Mercedes group “toughened” them up.

The reason for the violent takeover, which in gang slang is called a “change of government,” was simple and sad — Chacao’s many restaurants offer a better chance to find food in the garbage.

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