Indictments Are Comey…er, Coming

This could be an interesting summer for the so called Deep State. It could be a GREAT summer for DC lawyers.

And indeed, thank God for the Inspector General and his work and for Hillary Clinton throwing her post election fit. We’d have never known about all this if she hadn’t let bitterness get the better of her.

(From The American Thinker)

The report from I.G. Horowitz is expected to drop in May.  Huber has grand jury power to subpoena and indict.  Together, they should produce a prodigious amount of indictments.

In going after Trump, the left ensnared itself.

Should be indicted, but probably won’t be:

  1. Barack Obama – Mishandling of classified information (18 USC §798) and obstruction of a criminal investigation (18 USC §1510) with respect to emails sent to and received from Hillary personal server.  Obstruction of a criminal investigation (18 USC §1510).  (When I heard that Obama had made a deal with Netflix, all I could think of was, “Great: Now, in ten years, Netflix will have a nuclear weapon!”  But I digress.)
  2. Hillary Clinton – Mishandling of classified information (18 USC §798), conspiracy (18 USC §371) (the Uranium One deal), violations of campaign finance laws (the funneling of funds through a law firm to pay Glenn Simpson to pay Christopher Steele for the Steele dossier).
  3. Bill Clinton – Conspiracy (18 USC §371) and obstruction of a criminal investigation (18 USC §1510) (with Lynch) in the Hillary Clinton email investigation.
  4. Robert Mueller – Obstruction of a criminal investigation (18 USC §1510) and conspiracy (18 USC §371) in the Clinton Foundation (Uranium One) investigation.

Probably will be indicted, but maybe not:

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