Judge in Michael Cohen case admonishes Michael Avenatti over his ‘publicity tour’ (Why are we supposed to care about Stormy Daniels?)

Mr. Avenatti has got to be the most self promoting, um, jerk that I have ever seen. The tool factor is just off the charts. It’s like he just walked off the set of Jersey Shore the Legal Edition or something. You know this guy owned a Firebird at some point.

“Hey…Check out this stripper eh…She used to hang out with Donald Trump…Hey I gotta an idea. Botta bing.”

And still why are we supposed to care about Stormy Daniels again?

(From Yahoo)

Cohen’s team accused Avenatti of staging a legal “drive-by shooting” against Cohen. And Avenatti implied he has information that the raid unearthed, what he described as “disturbing” tapes of a conversation between Cohen and Daniels’s former lawyer.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, is suing both Trump and Cohen to get out of a confidentiality agreement that prevents her from discussing her encounter with the president in 2006. Cohen has admitted giving Daniels a $130,000 payment in exchange for her silence, though he denies she had a sexual liaison with Trump. Daniels is separately suing Cohen for defamation because he accused her of lying about the alleged affair. Trump and his lawyers have given conflicting accounts of whether the president was aware of Cohen’s deal with Daniels.

So…Again. Why are we supposed to care? Why does any of this matter at all?

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