Lawsuit Accuses Obama Presidential Center Of Pulling An ‘Institutional Bait And Switch’ In Its Dealings With Chicago

This is a remarkable story about how Chicago and President Obama’a foundation plan to build a $500mm personal monument to Obama on Chicago public parkland THAT WON’T EVEN HOUSE HIS PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY, which will be another monument to him built somewhere else. Moreover the initial application, approved by the city, had said it would be his library.

(From The Daily Caller)

A public park advocacy group filed a federal lawsuit Monday accusing Obama Presidential Center organizers of pulling an “institutional bait and switch” by reneging on its original planned purpose of building an official presidential library in historic Jackson Park.

The Chicago City Council approved an ordinance in 2015 for the parkland to be leased to the Obama Foundation for the purpose of housing former President Barack Obama’s official presidential library, the Chicago Sun-Times reported on Tuesday.

But operations have since changed. Obama now plans to use the parkland to build a $500 million personal museum and monument dedicated to his person. The National Records and Archives Administration will operate his presidential library somewhere else.

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