“Let the exodus begin… For the high tax states, it is a disaster” (The “blue state refugee” exodus began a few years ago actually) VIDEO


They screwed up California. Beautiful, great weather, good skiing, great beaches, wonderful sunsets California. They took what they had, got lazy, and indulged themselves. Now Cali is descending into 2nd world status with a very rich group at the top and lots of poor people at the bottom. The middle class has largely been abandoned (assuming one works in the private sector that is). It is a tragedy. But it will get worse.

I love California. I have a beer mug from which I often drink that says “I love California.” My favorite beer to fill that mug is San Fransisco’s Anchor Steam Beer. I have very fond memories of California. I even planted some San Diego (originally South African) ice plants in my garden because I thought they were so lovely. (They actually survive in central Virginia.) But I could never ever live in California because the government has gone off the rails, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better anytime soon.

But at least I don’t CURRENTLY live in California.