Mystery in Mueller probe: Where’s the hacking indictment?

Man, it isn’t the ONLY mystery.

We’re all waiting for the blockbuster. (We have been for a long time.) One can only assume that any news of real consequence, if it exists and if Mueller makes it through the summer, will be timed to help the Dems in the mid-term elections. But I think one can objectively say at this point that things haven’t gone the way Mueller would have liked.

Still it is hard to imagine that Mueller would allow himself to be vanquished. After a long big shot career in Washington and all the cocktail parties to go out as a loser would be tough for the ole’ ego I am sure.

So one has to assume that he has something right? Something, anything? That’s what CNN and MSNBC keep hoping.

Also consider that Trump really has already erased pretty much all of Obama’s executive action driven “legacy.” It’s gone forever. That could not have been part of the plan.

(From The Hill)

But the special counsel has yet to announce charges for the hacking of the DNC, even though the intelligence community and private cybersecurity experts linked the attack to the Russian government more than a year ago. Legal experts say there are several possible explanations.

“[The reasons] can range from, there’s no evidence of any known individuals, to publicly announcing the indictment would compromise other aspects of the investigation” said Mark Zaid, a Washington-based attorney specializing in national security.

Mueller also might not be able to reveal the “information they might possess to prove the case,” Zaid said, because it could compromise intelligence sources or methods.

Experts broadly agreed that the lack of a public indictment should not be interpreted as a sign that charges have not been brought for the hacking.

“There may be one and it may be sealed,” said Jack Sharman, a former special prosecutor to Congress for the Whitewater investigation, adding that prosecutors often file indictments under seal when “they don’t want to alert targets and potentially useful witnesses that in fact somebody has already been charged.”

We’ll see. The never-Trumpers are hanging all of their hopes on Mueller. He better deliver. Right?