Nancy Pelosi fears that talk of impeachment will kill any Democratic effort in November – She fears an America that is collectively “red pilled”

That’s the deal. Flat out. Nancy Pelosi, one of our cronyist legislators by the way, is afraid that Trump voters and even people who just don’t want the country derailed (I think one can say pretty objectively that on the whole the country is better off, for many reasons, than when Obama was in the White House) will turn out and counter the expected pu–y hat voters in November. If that happens Trump consolidates his position and impeachment is extremely unlikely to happen. Likewise, Pelosi will be moved out of leadership almost assuredly and then the Democrats will have to really soul search. If identity politics doesn’t work this time around, well, for the Democrats the prospect is too much to even think about.

That’s why Pelosi doesn’t want Democrats talking about impeachment, because IMPEACHMENT WILL BE NUMBER ONE ON THE AGENDA IF THE DEMOCRATS TAKE THE HOUSE. The country be damned in their eyes. (Sadly.)

Pelosi fears waking a monster that will overwhelm her identitarian party. Pelosi fears the population being “red pilled” on a mass scale. She knows that if people really consider what the Democrats taking the House means, the American people generally will reject her, her divisive philosophy, and the Democratic Party as we know it.

The odds makers are still inclined toward a House takeover but that position seems to be eroding. Impeachment talk would likely erode that position more.

By the way, word is that Trump and company are going to highlight the possibility of an impeachment. They would probably be wise to do so. Simply ask the country if it wants more division and ugliness and identity politics or whether Americans want to move on from this era and get on with the business of the country. Trump probably wins that debate.

(From CNBC)

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has no current interest in pushing for President Donald Trump‘s impeachment, calling it a “distraction” from economic issues her party wants to highlight ahead of the 2018 midterm elections…

House Democrats from heavily blue districts such as Reps. Maxine Waters of California and Al Green of Texas have called to remove the president from office. But leaders such as Pelosi have shied from the issue, saying that calling for Trump’s impeachment could alienate voters in swing districts the party needs to win if it has a chance of winning a House majority in November.

On Tuesday, Pelosi said members can discuss impeachment in their districts. She argued, though, that it’s “not the path that [the party] should go on”

Riiiiight Nancy. Right. Come out and say you won’t impeach Trump. See how that goes over.