National Farmers Union Asks Pruitt to Allow Summertime E15 Gasoline Sales


NFU President Roger Johnson wrote to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt on May 22, urging EPA to immediately institute a waiver for summertime sales of E15.

Johnson noted that year-round use of E15 would have significant benefits for farmers, the economy, energy independence, and the environment. An arbitrary restriction on use of E15 in summer months is limiting the amount of ethanol that can be blended into the nation’s transportation fuel supply. While EPA has been actively working on allowing year-round use of E15 since October 2017, and President Trump committed to allowing an E15 waiver earlier this year, EPA has yet to take any action or provide any time table as to when a waiver can be expected. This delay in issuing a waiver is threatening to upend any potential benefits of a waiver in the upcoming summer months of 2018.

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