Media Hides Obama Pay-off From Netflicks Deal – Rumors are it is in high eight figures ( up to $99mm)

We still don’t know the details of the deal.

One of the problems with Obama is his chronic case of bigshotitis. He can’t be graceful about the office he once held. He has to make a splash. He still has something to prove to all those deplorables out there. He must remain in the public eye. Because of his bigshotitis.


(From The Federalist)

In the announcement from Netflix, the ex-president shares his hope that the content Higher Grounds Productions produces will “promote common values,” which prompts one to wonder which values he hopes to promote, and among whom they are common. He has made very clear that he doesn’t share values with his successor in the White House, so one must assume the content he is developing will further the causes he became known for while in office.

The financial terms of the deal were not released, although it is rumored to be in the high eight figures. It might seem Netflix hopes adding the Obamas will increase their subscribership, which stands at 125 million across the globe. The streaming video service has recently made similar deals with high-profile content creators to increase original content, making a subscription to Netflix necessary to view.

Again it needs to be noted that the “net neutrality” regulatory coup that came in under Obama and which has now been dismissed (though some still have hope for the power grab) was lobbied for heavily by Netflix which did not want to have to pay for the bandwidth it sucks up.

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