New Volcanic Fissure Opens in Hawaii, Officials Prepare Evacuations

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(From UPI)

Police ordered residents to prepare to evacuate on Hawaii’s Big Island after a new fissure opened in the Kilauea volcano’s east rift zone Sunday.

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said the new fissure measured several hundred feet long and sent lava spatter rising tens of feet into the air, with slow-moving lava making its way away from the vent.

“Elevated earthquake activity and ground deformation continue and additional outbreaks in the area remain likely,” the HVO said.

“Residents of lower Puna between Kapoho and Kalapana are advised to be on the alert in the event of possible gas emissions and volcanic eruption,” Hawaii County Civil Defense said. “There may be little to no advance notice to evacuate, so take this time to prepare.”

Two other new volcanic fissures opened and began spewing lava on Hawaii’s Big Island after the eruption of the Kilauea volcano Saturday.

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