On Nantucket, wealthy residents oppose housing for seasonal employees

As a general rule I try to avoid beaches where one must wear a sweatshirt in the summer. That’s not always the case in Nantucket but too often is. Plus Block Island is nicer in many ways.


Nantucket is the summer holiday spot for half of the senior Democratic Party. (Obama and Kerry love it.) But folks on Nantucket don’t want the working class on the same island as them. SHOCK!

I love it. The dorm which will house the help will impact the “environment.”

Indeed it is such a bummer seeing the unwashed live their lives. Can’t these people just keep sleeping in shipping containers? That, you see is much better for the environment.

See how this works? Regs are often crafted and often work for the people who are CONNECTED. Of course such regs aren’t sold that way. But that’s our crony system.

(From The Boston Globe)

Then, about a year ago, the Nantucket Land Bank, a public agency that owns the golf course, proposed building a dormitory on the lot for its seasonal employees who help keep the club running. Land Bank officials said the dorm is needed to address the island’s housing crisis, which has made it so hard to find affordable apartments that some workers have been sleeping on basement floors or in old shipping containers…

…Long, whose $2.3 million home is secluded behind hedgerows and a gate, hired Bob Popeo, the chairman of Mintz Levin, one of Boston’s most prominent law firms, and began lobbying state environmental officials to block the dorm from being built.

In one of several letters sent over the past year to Matthew Beaton, the state’s secretary of energy and environmental affairs, Popeo insisted that any state approval of the dorm would set “a bad precedent.” The Land Bank’s charter requires its elected commissioners to seek approval from the state before building on any of its 3,100 acres.

“The construction . . . is entirely at odds with ‘the interest of conservation,’ and the Land Bank’s essential purpose of preserving land in its natural state for enjoyment by the general public,” Popeo wrote. “The project bears no relationship to the Land Bank’s mission or its expertise.”

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