Pro-Government Radio Station Attacked, Inciting New Violence in Nicaragua

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(From UPI)

Anti-government protesters are blamed for dousing a state-sponsored radio station with gas bombs and molotov cocktails Monday afternoon in Managua and police responded with gunshots.

Masked men on motorcycles surrounded the area near Radio Ya in the capital city, preventing other vehicles from entering as the attack was carried out. Other participants in the attack stood atop buildings and fired homemade mortar guns in the direction of the radio station.

After the attack on Radio Ya, a state-sponsored television station blamed the “fascist right” for being “incited by hatred and their desire to silence the truth.”

According to La Prensa, the attack against Radio Ya was conducted after pro-government civilian groups, known locally as “turbas,” or mobs, allegedly attacked student protesters at the National University of Engineering, located about two miles from the radio station.

The violence Monday was just the latest since deadly protests broke out across the country in April.

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