Puh-LEEZE! Valerie Jarrett’s spin on today’s jobs news is ‘beyond delusional’ (just GUESS)

What many people like the deeply crony capitalist advisor (She’s got some sweet Chicago real estate deals – Obama does too by the way. Obama’s house deal in Chi-town is SKETCHY) to former president Obama just do not get is that for the most part, pretty much every part, Obama’s presidency was a failure. The one thing Obama can legitimately say was that he got re-elected, but during his time in office Obama ushered in a massive Republican wave in state legislatures across the country and in Washington. America, much of America, was opposed to Obama and they kept him in check.

But when the Obama era ended people across the country breathed a sigh of collective relief. Not the pussy hat crowd of course, but most of those folks are not likely to be business owners or people who drive the economy. Think LOTS of unionized teachers. And the relief was double because everyone expected Hillary Clinton to win. However, America was delivered from such a presidency by the skin of its teeth.

For all of Trump’s problems the reality is (and it is certainly not entirely to Trump’s credit) this country is in a MUCH better place than it ever was under Obama. There is an optimistic spirit in the air, again even with Trumps boneheadedness on (regular) occasion. Look around. People want to do business. They want to get work done. They have moved beyond the dour dim days of Obama. The days of a president who seemed to hold the country in contempt and who had never worked in the private sector yet thought he had the authority to tell entrepreneurs that they “didn’t build that.”

Everyone who had ever built a business knew that Obama was full of it and didn’t fundamentally know what he was doing when they heard that statement from him. When Obama showed his cards.

Let me state this again. The people who actually knew how to build things and make money and create jobs and wealth KNEW that Obama didn’t know what he was doing. That’s why they didn’t want to go out on a limb during the Obama years. (At least this can be said for the second half of Obama’s presidency.)

Some people may long for the sad days of Obama like Valarie Jarrett who fancied herself as some kind of history maker. (Sorry Val.). The days when nothing seemed to work. When the government only expanded while the private sector suffered. But guess what Vals? America has moved on. They have turned the page and this country has a sense of optimism again.*

You just never got this country Vals.

The best White House staff picture ever.

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*It must be noted that Trump has agreed to expand the state and spend way too much money. Though he’s made some progress on the regulatory swamp and taxes there is much more to do. Government should be shrinking not expanding on his watch.