“Putin had a very clear objective, to undermine America’s faith in its own election and its own electoral system and that’s exactly what Clapper, Comey and Brennan did.”

Did Clapper just (allegedly) lie AGAIN? He (allegedly) lied to Senator Wyden in Senate hearings 5 years ago (About whether the NSA was gathering intel on US citizens indiscriminately. He said it wasn’t. It was.) but the statute of limitations on that crime has run out. (Surprise.) But did he just double down on his own arrogance? Or are things so far gone at this point that he must double down?

Look, I don’t care how much you hate Trump, you should be concerned about Brennan, and Clapper, and Comey, and the rest of those guys. This is a dangerous thing. We had what looks like an overtly politicized intelligence community. (It LOOKS that way.) The implications are deeply concerning.

Seriously, even you never-Trump people – THINK ABOUT IT.