Putin unveils underwater Poseidon nuclear drone that can trigger 300ft tsunamis to wipe out Russia’s enemy naval bases

I grew up surfing and I can tell you that 300 feet is way beyond surfable. How’d you like to see a 300 foot wave running up the Hudson and the East River? Yikes.

(From The Sun)

Putin revealed his state-of-the-art weapon during his State of the Nation address to the Russian federal assembly on March 1.

He said the weapon is “primarily designed to destroy enemy naval bases”.

But according to experts, if deployed the weapon could produce tsunamis capable of causing mass destruction equal to that of the natural disaster in Fukushima, Japan in 2011.

Rex Richardson, a physicist, told Business Insider: “A well-placed nuclear weapon of yield in the range 20MT to 50MT near a sea coast could certainly couple enough energy to equal the 2011 tsunami, perhaps much more.”

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