Rejecting Rand Paul’s Budget, Republicans Commit to Fiscal Irresponsibility (The fight for the restoration of the Constitution will take decades, but we are further along than we were)

Fighting for the right thing is often very difficult and at times one can feel like Don Quixote out on La Mancha. But we are not tilting at windmills. This is a process.

You know what’s right. You know the voters know what’s right. You know that being responsible is the right thing to do. But over and over the vested interests still are able to exploit the system. Over and over the old media try to act like getting government under control is some sort of bad thing. Over and over the cronies swagger up to the podium and act like they have the best interests of Americans at heart when they announce this bill or that. This while they take even more money from the pockets of Americans. It can be frustrating.

And that’s what the swamp counts on. The cronies think they can keep the rebellion under control (a rebellion which began to a large degree under Ron Paul’s leadership) by just waiting the good guys out. There are more of them than there are people like Ron Paul, or Rand Paul, or Justin Amash, or Thomas Massie. They think that come what may, their system will never be challenged – really. 

Fighting for fiscal sanity, for small responsible government, for peace, and against crony capitalism, are the kind of causes that drive people who understand that for the time being the odds are stacked against them however. And we are much further along than we were at the start of the Ron Paul Revolution which in time morphed into the TEA Party. Beachheads have been established and there have been some gains. But this is a very long fight. Very long. Think multiple decades.

That’s the timeframe I use anyway.

(From Reason)

The Senate on Thursday resoundingly rejected the Kentucky Republican’s plan to balance the federal budget by 2023, voting 76 to 21 against a bill that would have required a $400 billion cut in federal spending next year, followed by 1 percent spending increases for the rest of the next decade. Republican hawks took the floor to blast Paul for trying to undermine the American military, even though his proposal would have let Congress decide how much to cut from each department, including the Pentagon.

“Let me tell you what that means to the military,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) before voting against the bill. “Devastation. This budget throws our military in the ditch.”

Lindsey Graham is such a – I will hold my tongue.

Hardly. Even if the entire $400 billion cut Paul proposed were applied to the Pentagon, America would still spend far more on the military than any other nation. But even the suggestion that defense spending could be cut is enough to scare most Republicans away from facing fiscal reality. As Paul pointed out on Thursday, the national debt and $1 trillion deficits are bigger threats to America’s long-term national security than a reduction in funding for the Pentagon. “There is waste from top to bottom in every department of the government, including the military,” Paul said, noting that one Pentagon agency managed to misplace $800 million, according to a recent audit.

The truth is this sort of spending from the neocon GOP and their big government friends will continue until the debt starts to hurt. Right now the people in Congress think there is no consequence to spending like this. The debt? What debt? Oh yeah that $21 trillion thing? That thing? Hey watch while we make it 30 trillion! There are no consequences with a world reserve currency. Don’t you know that? We control the globe. Who’s going to stop us?

Ourselves eventually.

And then things get way more real than most Americans can imagine. But for the time being spend, spend, spend!

Graham is no conservative by the way. Not even close.