Reuters Poll: Republicans Lead Generic Ballot for First Time in 2018 Cycle

This has been the trend since the beginning of the year. The mid-terms are going to be interesting. But please note:

The Dems will seek to impeach Trump if they take the House. That is the goal. They want to impeach him for anything they can. They want to at least somewhat settle the score.

The thing is America doesn’t seem to be feeling it. At least not at this moment. Many things could change. Who knows? If the Trump people don’t come out the Republicans will certainly lose the House. But will they let Pelosi and company determine Trump’s fate?

The Dems think they can win a referendum on Trump. We are not so sure. The country certainly seems to be feeling more positive these days. (This is just a political observation.)

One has to expect that if Mueller is going to move he will do so between now and the election. That’s just one of the big variables at play here. But this poll feels about like what we are feeling at AC2 News.

(From The National Review)

About 38 percent of registered voters would pick the Republican candidate if midterm elections were today, while around 37 percent would pick the Democrat, 16 percent said they were unsure which party they would choose or refused to take the survey, and 7 percent would opt for a third-party candidate, the poll found.

The dramatic shift is bad news for Democrats, who were a full ten points on the generic ballot as recently as the end of April. If the trend holds, their hopes of regaining control of Congress atop a blue wave in November could be dashed.