Scores of Flights Cancelled in France as Air Traffic Controllers Join National Strike


Airlines have been forced to cancel scores of flights to, from and over France on Tuesday after French air traffic control unions joined the public sector walk-out. Three unions representing French air traffic controllers joined the walk-out in solidarity with the nationwide public sector strike on Tuesday.

In all, French aviation authority the DGAC asked airlines to cut 20 percent of flights to, from and over France on Tuesday.

French public sector staff are protesting reforms proposed by President Emmanuel Macron, with the country braced for possible major disruption.The stoppages are part of a series of demonstrations by public sector employees against Macron, who has pledged to reduce public spending, trim jobs and overhaul large parts of the vast French state.

All unions representing civil servants have backed Tuesday’s strike, a rare show of unity which was last seen around 10 years ago.

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