Senate confirms Haspel to head CIA


Well, she made it. Let’s hope she’s better than Brennan with whom some fear she was close. Also, I thought we weren’t supposed to torture in this country. (Or in other countries.) We haven’t given up on that.

(From The Hill)

Haspel is a veteran CIA official who has been with the agency for more than 30 years and by all accounts is well-liked by her colleagues. But her nomination received roughly half the support from Democrats that now-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, a former House member, received last year when he was confirmed as President Trump’s first CIA chief.

Her nomination was immersed almost immediately by controversy because of her involvement in the agency’s post-Sept. 11 use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” — now widely viewed as torture. In particular, senators homed in on her time spent running a CIA black site and role in the destruction of videotapes documenting the interrogation of an al Qaeda suspect.

She ran one of these places.