Some folks disconnected from reality on election night 2016 and haven’t come back

Just to be clear we have friends, real friends, who do not like Trump. Some of whom may have even gone to the “women’s marches.” The author of the attached article is saying goodbye to these people. We are not. However, in many respects the article is spot on.


They represented the status quo. Not change.


We often don’t like what Trump does. But he’s not some supervillian/nazi/devil. He’s just a president.

In the attached article the author addresses “ex-friends.” We are not interested in alienating friends who disagree with us on pretty much anything. The article is however a blistering rundown of what has happened to a part of this country since Trump’s election. Seriously, some of you folks disconnected from reality on election night 2016 and haven’t come back.


Chill out. Relax. Life will go on. And no one likes to be told this – but you are being manipulated by powerful interests that fear Donald Trump. You are doing the bidding of the old establishment that can’t come to terms with change. The political landscape shifted and these interests now find themselves on the outs. But instead of adjusting, these interests are just freaking out scorched earth style. And they are burning YOUR VILLIAGE while YOU cheer them on.

Seriously, and respectfully, please wake up out of this ragedream, this completely off the charts, and indeed, forgive me, childish reaction to Trump’s win.

(From American Greatness)

I knew you would take the loss hard—and personally—since all of you were super jacked-up to elect the first woman president. But I did not imagine you would become totally deranged, attacking anyone who voted for Trump or supported his presidency as a racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic Nazi-sympathizer.

The weirdness started on social media late on Election Night, as it became clear Hillary was going to lose. A few of you actually admitted that you were cradling your sleeping children, weeping, wondering what to tell your kindergartner the next morning about Trump’s victory. It continued over the next several days. Some of you seriously expressed fear about modern-day concentration camps. Despite living a privileged lifestyle, you were suddenly a casualty of the white patriarchy.Your daughters were future victims; your sons were predators-in-waiting. You threatened to leave Facebook because you could no longer enjoy the family photos or vacation posts from people who, once friends, became Literal Hitlers to you on November 8 because they voted for Donald Trump.

Seriously I know someone who was practically throwing clothes into her suitcase and was actually going to depart for Canada on election night. But then the wine wore off.

I admit I was a little hurt at first. The attacks against us Trump voters were so personal and so vicious that I did not think it could be sustained. I thought maybe you would regain your sanity after some turkey and egg nog.

But you did not. You got worse. And I went from sad to angry to where I am today: Amused.

I’m not amused. I think all this anti-Trump insanity is just that – insane. I am skeptical of any president. Deeply skeptical. I generally expect no good at all from practically any politician. Power should always be watched with a steely eye and called out if need be. But again, Trump is JUST A PRESIDENT.

Classified emails shared by Hillary Clinton? Who cares! Devin Nunes wanting to declassify crucial information of the public interest? Traitor!

But your newfound admiration and fealty to law enforcement really has been a fascinating transformation. Wasn’t it just last fall that I saw you loudly supporting professional athletes who were protesting police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem? Remember how you fanboyed a mediocre quarterback for wearing socks that depicted cops as pigs?

But now you sound like paid spokesmen for the Fraternal Order of Police. You insist that any legitimate criticism of the misconduct and possibile criminality that occured at the Justice Department and FBI is an “attack on law enforcement.” While you once opposed the Patriot Act because it might have allowed the federal government to spy on terrorists who were using the local library to learn how to make suitcase bombs, you now fully support the unchecked power of a secret court to look into the phone calls, text messages and emails of an American citizen because he volunteered for the Trump campaign for a few months.

Spying on terrorists, circa 2002: Bad. Spying on Carter Page, circa 2017: The highest form of patriotism.

For the record The Patriot Act was one of the greatest mistakes this country has ever made. It continues to undermine this Republic.

And this is perhaps the saddest bit of all. We have seen perfectly reasonable “liberals” abandon the good bits of being “liberal” over the last 18 months. The contempt for authority. The questioning  of authority. That was the stuff on which you were generally right. But now so many folks have just fallen in lock step in with the powers that be because —- TRUMP! RESIST!


Again what are you resisting? The American people already resisted. And that’s why they didn’t elect Hillary Clinton. And they likely will continue resisting.