Taliban Militants Besiege Farah Provincial Capital in Afghsanistan

(From CBS News)

Taliban insurgents launched attacks from multiple directions on the capital of Farah province in western Afghanistan near the border with Iran early Tuesday, killing and wounding “dozens” of security forces, a local official said. Fared Bakhtawer, head of the provincial council, said several security checkpoints in the city of Farah were overrun by Taliban fighters and that an intense gun battle was ongoing.

Bakhtawer said casualties were high among security forces, but couldn’t provide a precise number.

“Security checkpoints around the city have collapsed in the hands of the Taliban, causing high casualties among security forces,” he said.

Meanwhile, Abdul Basir Salangi, provincial governor, confirmed heavy fighting in the city. “An intense battle is going on in the city,” he said without providing additional details.

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