The conservative leader at Stanford — is Susan Rice’s son

“I discovered the intellectual roots of liberty.”

I have to say that I was quite surprised by this. And though I am no fan of Ms. Rice for a number of reasons she can’t be entirely bad if her son felt the room intellectually to question his parents political ideology. It doesn’t sound like they’re estranged or anything.

(From The College Fix)

John David Rice-Cameron can trace his conservative roots to his middle school years. Back then, his father would often have talk radio on during rides home from school or tennis practice.

“Sometimes my dad would listen to Rush Limbaugh and he would kind of argue with him,” recalls Rice-Cameron, 20, a sophomore at Stanford University. “I just found myself agreeing with basically everything Rush Limbaugh was saying.”

Rice-Cameron’s parents are Democrats. His mother, Susan Rice, served in the Obama administration, first as U.N. ambassador, then as National Security Advisor. But despite his parents’ political leanings, “they believe extensively in debate and engaging the other side and exposing people to different viewpoints,” he said.

That is no small thing. It is certainly something I respect as a parent.

“If we are going to promote the liberty movement, if the liberty movement is going to succeed, we need to do something about these college campuses,” he told The College Fix in a telephone interview. “We need to ensure the liberty movement is heard.”