The ‘white minority’ illusion (It IS an illusion, but we are supposed to be transcending race anyway, aren’t we?)

“Liberty-loving.” These are the key words. LIBERTY is what defines Americans. The USA is the only place in the world where this can be said about a people. An idea, not a race or ethnicity defines who is an American.



In my opinion there is no “race.” Please, someone define what “race” is supposed to mean.

Some would say that “race” is obvious. Some people are black and some people are white and so on. But where do those racial lines begin and end? I submit that there is no clear definition except to the degree that these differences have been codified in law. First through, slavery and Jim Crow and more recently with racial quotas and a census that wants to pigeonhole everyone into some sort of race for political reasons.

And the author of this article is right. The much vaunted “white minority” demographic shift isn’t all it’s been sold to Democrats. And the Dems better get hip to this. The fastest growing ethnicity in this country is “hispanic” of which many of these people “identify” for all intents and purposes as “white.” I grew up with folks with hispanic surnames all around me and if they weren’t Filipino (much of my neighborhood and church was Filipino) they pretty much considered themselves “white.”

As the author also points out though many “non-euro white” ethnic groups do skew toward the Dems generally and currently. But this is by no means uniformly the case. And it is unlikely to remain the case. Two generations ago people of Irish and Italian descent where overwhelmingly Democrats. Now that is definitely not the case.

So Dems (and I am speaking to leadership here not the rank and file) if you want to play the demographic waiting game, and divide this country by tribal lines you are not going to like the end result. You’ll just create lots of useless pain and resentment.

Better to work toward free enterprise and opportunity for all, and equality under the law, and the rule of law, than the tribal warfare of Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. The USA is supposed to be, oh wait for it, I can hear the sociology department at UC Davis erupting into a triggered fit of rage – here it comes, a MELTING POT. That’s right a MELTING POT.

I’m an amalgam. Most Americans are. In Britain there was a time when the Scots were considered sub-human by the English, and the English sub-human by the Romans and on and on. The thing is, when we live together and get over our racial hang ups we find out we can usually get along. In fact we can flourish TOGETHER. That should be our focus. Free enterprise and opportunity for all. Less tribalization and busybody management from the state. That is progress. That’s progressive. Tribal warfare is retrograde. Tribal warfare is stupid.

(From This Week)

Yes, the U.S. is on track to become at some point around 2045 a “minority white” nation — in the sense that if we lump every person who isn’t white into a single demographic category of “non-white,” whites will be outnumbered. The problem is that no such politically homogeneous category of citizen exists in the real world. It’s the creation of demographers and liberal data journalists eager to mollify their anxieties.

Such people convince themselves of its reality by making a habit of talking about how “people of color” are uniformly oppressed by hegemonic “whiteness” in the United States. But the truth is that people of Hispanic, African, West Indian, East Asian, South Asian, and Arab descent don’t perceive themselves as (or vote as if they are) members of a unified bloc. They are discrete groups. Most of them do lean Democratic, but not uniformly, and they do so for disparate reasons rooted in the cultures they brought with them to this country and in their distinct histories since arriving. (That’s true of white voters, too, of course.)

Now, as critics have pointed out, it’s most likely misleading even to suggest that these ethnic categories will remain stable over the coming decades, given rising rates of intermarriage among the members of each group. But even if we assume for the sake of analysis that the categories remain intact, it’s important to recognize that “white” is going to remain the plurality group for a very long time to come. In 2045, when the shift to “minority white” country is supposed to happen, whites will be 49.8 percent of the population, with Hispanics, at 24.6 percent, the next largest group at roughly half the size.

The Dems would be crazy to continue the route they are on. It’s just ugly politics and hurtful to the country as a whole, black, white, asian, Martian, CHUD and everyone else.