The Wipeout of Obama’s Legacy

Obama tried to go it alone without compromise with Congress. Now, because he pursued an executive action centered agenda, assuming that Hillary Clinton would be there to continue and consolidate any “gains”, Obama’s “legacy” is being erased by Trump. And in pretty quick fashion.

May this serve as a warning to Trump and any future executives in the White House. Congress shouldn’t be ignored. If a future president does ignore Congress he or she may find themselves in the same position that Obama and his allies find themselves today. And no future president wants that.

(From The Weekly Standard)

Obama and Democrats have made Trump’s efforts surprisingly easy. Obama, you’ll recall, succeeded brilliantly in the first two years of his presidency when Democrats controlled Congress. But once Republicans held the House, Senate, or both over the next six years, he ignored Capitol Hill as much as possible. He spared himself the unpleasantness of compromising with Republicans and instead governed by executive orders and regulations.

Decisions taken by the president alone are vulnerable to being erased by subsequent presidents. And that’s what happened to the pact with Iran. It wasn’t a treaty ratified by the Senate. Democrats used the filibuster to block even a nonbinding vote on it. Trump killed the deal with his signature. That was also all it took to quit the Paris accord on global warming.

The ink in the pen faded pretty quick, and the battery in your phone is now dead Mr. Obama.