This video will challenge both “progressives” and conservatives, Think about what “anarchy” actually is (Hint: It’s not chaos and destruction)


We have been highly influenced by anarcho-capitalist thinking at AC2 News (Everyone who cares about economics and politics should be familiar with Murray Rothbard the godfather of anarcho-capitalism), but if one had to pin a label(s) on us the best ones would be libertarian, classical liberal, or perhaps even minarchist. But we post this video because it’s Friday and because it WILL challenge lots of people. And that’s a good thing. Especially on a Friday afternoon.

We make no endorsements here necessarily. Consider this video a node for discussion.

We will say however that statism – socialism in its many forms – is a philosophy that is crafted in fear. It fundamentally takes a negative view of humanity. It is the philosophy of scared (human) rabbits.

Liberty on the other hand is positively disposed toward the world. It is about opportunity, freedom, and responsibility. This last bit, responsibility, is especially difficult for those who believe in big government. Liberty is worthwhile but it is not easy.

As such many just want the state to take care of them and everything. It’s easier. In other words they concede their sovereignty to their “betters” and accept that they will be managed like an animal in a herd instead of being treated as a liberated and free individual worthy of dignity and respect.

The powers that be always prefer to deal with a herd.