Trouble brewing for House Democrats, in, get this, CALIFORNIA?

We’ve asked if anything can save California from it’s general decline. We have not been terribly hopeful, sadly. The state for the past decade has essentially been run as a 1 party state. And it shows. But now it looks like some opposition is percolating up in Southern California. Some very interesting developments are just now hitting the political radar screen.

Republicans could take the top 2 spots in some of California’s congressional “jungle primaries” which would guarantee that Republican members of Congress would go to Washington from those districts.

Now that would be interesting.

Ooooh, Jerry Brown would be maaaaad.

(From The New York Times)

“With so many Democrats running, the party’s fear is that the vote will be splintered, allowing Republicans — who have fewer candidates — to dominate some primaries. The party and allied groups are spending more than $4 million on just three campaigns, intervening in one contest to prop up a favored candidate; attacking a Republican from the right in another; and even reminding people not to waste their votes on “ghost candidates” who have dropped out yet remain on the ballot.”

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