Trump teases that summit with Kim may be back on

One of the things we hear all the time is that Trump is an a__hole. The thing is, after a life in real estate one can only expect as much. Real estate people in my experience are a__holes, often. But they have to be because they’ve got to work deals all the time and from different angles. That is their bread and butter. Being an a__hole is part of real estate life. But it pays to have a good real estate a__hole working for you.

Also, as they say one must be ready to walk from a deal if need be.

Yesterday Trump walked. Today North Korea (and China?) ran after him and caught him at the door.

“Maybe we can work out something after all Mr. Trump. Let’s not be hasty.”

It’s reasonable to expect more of this sort of thing in the days and weeks ahead.

(From Politico)

President Donald Trump and his aides are hinting that his historic sit-down with Kim Jong Un may still happen, just one day after Trump sent a blunt letter to the North Korean leader calling it off.

In showman style, Trump on Friday teased at the idea of another stunning reversal, saying, “We’re talking to them now,” and that “It could even be the twelfth,” referring to the original plan for the summit — June 12 in Singapore.

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